We Are ConsumerDNA

After three decades of serving clients in consumer research consultancies and in executive positions for global research firms, we founded ConsumerDNA with a critical mission in mind: providing clients with the deepest understanding of their consumers at a level of clarity and actionability needed to make important and often complex marketing decisions.

Our advanced insights frameworks and technologies, developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading brands, open up the world of consumers like never before.

We design studies to uncover the most relevant consumer DNA strands – their driving needs and motivations, purchase triggers, and product usage preferences – that will give you the insights needed to successfully propel your organization forward.

Our Services

ConsumerDNA is a market research and consulting firm that supports some the world’s most dynamic, purposeful brands – by providing the resources needed to fully meet the objectives of your consumer research studies. We are led by dedicated principals and staffed with a highly experienced and passionate team of project managers who will go to any length to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

We offer both qualitative and quantitative research on two levels – field/data deliverables, as well as brand insights and consulting services. Our operations approach offers the most advanced research methods and analysis backed by agile, responsive service and a flexible pricing structure for any budget.