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What We Do

After three decades of serving clients in consumer research consultancies and in executive positions for global research firms, we founded ConsumerDNA with a critical mission in mind: providing clients with the deepest understanding of their consumers at a level of clarity and actionability needed to make important and often complex marketing decisions. We design studies to uncover the most relevant consumer DNA strands – their driving needs and motivations, purchase triggers, and product usage preferences – that will give you the insights needed to successfully propel your organization forward.

Our Services


Creative quantitative and qualitative study design – that yields genuine solutions to business challenges – is one of our great strong suits.


We’ve identified and vetted the cutting-edge marketing research technologies of our time. We bring our A-Team to every project, humans and A.I. alike.


Breakthroughs come from the cross-pollination of ideas, experience, and expertise. Receive dedicated solutions based on our deep industry knowledge.