Web Behavior Monitoring

Web Behavior Monitoring

path-to-purchase study reveals online shopping behaviors

Marketing Challenge
ConsumerDNA conducted a path-to-purchase study in the automobile category using a web behavior monitoring technology. The client’s goal was to track recent purchasers’ online shopping habits leading up to the purchase. The purpose was to reveal the extent to which online media sources are used to inform and guide auto brand purchases.

Study Execution
ConsumerDNA utilized a web behavior monitoring panel to identify past year purchasers of a test brand auto. Historical online habits data was extracted for the qualified participants for six months prior to the actual purchase. Automated analytical processed helped reveal the sites visited and the amount of time spent on each. A survey was then sent to the participant to see where and when they actually purchased the auto.

The Results
The results of this study revealed the online media used during the shopping process at each stage of the shopping and buying process. This helped the client develop an online media plan and target the messaging at each stage of the process.

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