Online Research

Online Research

product innovation study shows promise of new ingredient in creating new line of products

Marketing Challenge
A manufacturer sought to develop a new product line of under its current brand by incorporating a significant new ingredient. The new ingredient had substantial brand equity of its own which presented a unique opportunity and insights challenge.

Study Execution
Eight hundred online interviews were conducted among users of the product category. A two-stage insights framework was used in which we first assessed awareness, liking and usage of the new ingredient – in adjacent categories. This first stage was followed by a concept test of the ingredient added in test category of products. The second stage was done with a split cell – half branded with our client and half unbranded.

The Results
The results enabled our client to size the opportunity based on the number likely to buy and to determine which of its products would succeed most with the added ingredient. It also revealed the perceived benefits and best messaging to use going forward as well as the price premium it could support.

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