Mobile Smartphone Point of Experience Study

Mobile Smartphone Study

retail product category merchandising improved with mobile surveys at “point of experience” while shopping

Marketing Challenge
A national retailer sought to upgrade the merchandising /and product display for one of its growing product categories in an effort to further improve its share of that business among its shoppers. Significant product innovation had taken place over the past two years within the category as several new products and brands emerged.

Study Execution
Test and control stores were set up to measure the impact of the new merchandising/ and product displays. Test stores had the new merchandising and control stores were unchanged. ConsumerDNA recruited consumers who normally shop the stores for that product category to go on a shopping trip. They received the surveys on their smartphones via geo-fencing technology once they were at the store.

The Results
The retailer was able to determine if the shopping experience at the test stores was significantly better than the control and also determine if shoppers were more likely to purchase. Other diagnostic measurements helped the retailer optimize its merchandising / and product display.

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