Mobile Smartphone Events Study

Mobile Smartphone Study

mobile surveys at local events assesses consumer reaction to a new product launch

Marketing Challenge
A major household products company conducted consumer demonstration events around the U.S. to introduce their new product. The campaign represented a grass roots effort to build the new product brand – at music festivals, community events, train stations and coffee bars. Management commissioned a study to measure consumer reaction to the product demonstrations “real time” while the events were being held.

Study Execution
Smartphone surveys were completed by consumers who participated in the product demonstrations at over 20 locations. Participants were sent a link activated by texting or a QR code which connected them to a short 12 question survey. Signs offering drawings and gifts were prominently displayed at the demonstration tables.

The Results
Our clients were able to measure the success of their campaign in terms of purchase likelihood as they rolled it our across over 20 markets and adjust their approach to demonstrations as they progressed throughout the 4-month campaign.

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