ConsumerDNA has identified and vetted the cutting-edge marketing research technologies of our time.These technologies have improved research efficiencies and elevated the value of consumer insights.



Focus Groups and Depth Interviews
  • In-Person Focus Groups – Physical Facilities

  • Online Focus Groups

  • Online Discussion Boards – Multi day

  • In-Person Ethnographies - In-home or Onsite

  • Online/Digital Ethnographies – Respondent Input Through PC, Tablets or mobile

  • “Shop Alongs” - in-person or online

“Point of Experience” Feedback
  • Live Shopping

  • Product Usage Experiences – Respondent Real-Time dialogue, Diaries

Online Communities
  • Customer Communities

  • Quick Feedback on Important Initiatives

  • Informed Opinions from Loyal, Engaged Customers


Online Surveys
  • Respondent Response Through Smartphones, Tablets, or PCs

  • Use of Customer Databases for Sampling

  • USA and Global Online Panel Sources

  • Social Media Panels

Onsite Intercept Surveys
  • In-person intercepts with Shoppers

  • On Premises, at the “Point of Experience”

  • Real-Time Data Uploads

Customer Panels/Communities
  • Voice of the Customer Panels

  • Quick, Ongoing Lower Cost Studies

Mobile Response Surveys
  • Direct Response from Consumers

  • At Point of Experience

  • Via Hand-Held Device

 Telephone Surveys
  • Online, Personal Interviews

 Mail Surveys
  • Traditional Method for Special Target Groups


Sampling Methodologies
  • Open-market established panels (opted-in)

  • Online interceptions (wide net captures across representative sites)

  • Social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

  • Customer databases

Device Based Insights Technologies
  • Eye tracking and biometric response – brain/emotion, EKG, etc.Smart-phone based qualitative and quantitative research at-point of experience

  • UX/UI Software – Website strategy and design

Consumer Insights Software Technologies
  • Digital concept testing heat mapping/ markup tools

  • Online/digital qualitative research – in-home, mobile, 1 V 1 /and groups/communities

  • Applied machine learning - analyzing unstructured respondent data at scale to auto-generating marketing content

  • Automated language translations

  • Create online client communities for quick and cost-effective studies

  • Data visualizations, infographics and interactive “dash boards”

  • “Express” real-time data delivery

Statistical Methodologies
  • Integrated statistical analyses/modeling and ad hoc, interactive statistical tools

    • Conjoint and Choice experiments

    • Predictive Modeling using contemporary techniques such as robust regression, logistical regression, multinomial logit, and lexicographic choice models

    • Segmentation using CCEA cluster/ensemble analysis, CHAID/CART, and latent class analysis

    • Perceptual Mapping with discriminant analysis, multidimensional scaling, and correspondence analysis

  • R Programming, machine learning

  • Tableaux for analysis and visualization of integrating data sources