Marketing Models Pointing the Way

Marketing Models Pointing the Way

quick serve restaurant menu optimized with online choice analysis

Marketing Challenge
A quick serve restaurant sought to improve its sales performance by improving its menu choices. The management team had several new items they were considering and at the same time thought perhaps a few others should be retired.

Study Execution
A choice study was conducted 600 medium to heavy users of the client’s restaurants. Sawtooth Software’s Choice Base Conjoint platform was used for the study. Each participant saw 15 screens of 3 menus and were asked to choose the menu that was overall best for them. Through this process the relative value of each menu item (utilities) could be derived. A simulator then allowed the client to assess customer preference for any combination of menu items they wanted to test.

The Results
The results of this choice study allowed the client to optimize its menu offering. The final selection involved retiring two items and adding several others that significantly raised customer preference scores.

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