In-home and Around Town Observation

In-home and Around Town Observation

teen cohorts point the way for consumer electronics company

Marketing Challenge
A consumer electronics company had introduced a new digital media product that became wildly successful in the U.S. targeting teens and young adults. Management was interested in expanding the success globally but wanted to be sure they entered each target country with the right marketing approach.

Study Execution
ConsumerDNA conducted in-home and “around-town” observation and questioning of teens and their friend cohorts. Twenty teens were recruited in major markets in each country. They were asked to recruit three friends each to participate in the study. We observed the primary teen at home and while going about town with friends to study their digital media habits. At the end they attended a focus group to discuss their habits in more detail.

The Results
ConsumerDNA constructed a qualitative segmentation or market structure analysis in each country to guide development of the product features and positioning of the products for that market. Results also guided messaging and branding strategy in each country.

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