Global Product Innovation Monitor

Global Product Innovation Monitor

pipeline filled with new product ideas from around the world

Marketing Challenge
A consumer package goods company sought to fill its pipeline of new product ideas. The pipeline is considered critical in the new product development process as it is the beginning for all new future products that are so vital to the long term performance of its brands.

Study Execution
ConsumerDNA utilized it global network of international research agencies to source, purchase and ship back innovative new products currently being offered in other countries for several product categories. Hundreds of new products were collected and displayed at the client’s offices for marketing and R&D staff members to study and taste. This was followed by ideation sessions among select client staff members and industry experts to develop new product ideas and concepts.

The Results
The client added over 100 new product ideas to its pipeline which were subsequently screened by consumers. Twelve new product concepts were created directly from the findings which underwent further testing and refinement and resulted in three new product introductions over the following two years.

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