Consumer Segmentation

Consumer Segmentation

new segmentations tied to extensive category and media habits via new online panels

Marketing Challenge
A auto brand selected ConsumerDNA to upgrade its existing consumer segmentation. The segmentation was required to serve three distinct goals, including: next generation model development, extensive media habits so segments could be reached effectively, and long-term “white space” for new vehicle concepts.

Study Execution
ConsumerDNA completed 4,000 online interviews among consumers who intended to buy a new auto in the next 12 months as the data capture foundation. Our marketing scientists constructed the segmentation and “white space” analysis (based on unmet needs and the use of MaxDiff analysis) and also provided in-depth analysis by segment of online media habits. This was made possible by using a new consumer panel for the sample that tracks both off line and online media habits of its panelists.

The Results
Our client had a new segmentation much more actionable than those in the past because we were able to append extensive data about the online and offline habits of the participants.

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