Consumer Needs and Motivations

Consumer Needs and Motivations

next generation product development achieved through psychoanalytic interviewing techniques

Marketing Challenge
A national convenience store chain wanted to optimize its c-store offering for the specific geo location of each store. Management believed they would sell more non gasoline items if their product mix and in-store services were optimized for the consumers who lived in the trade area.

Study Execution
ConsumerDNA conducted several studies to meet this objective. First, an online quantitative geo segmentation study identified segments based on the type of environment they lived in (urban vs. suburban, etc.) who had different and homogeneous needs for c-stores. Target segments were identified (E.g., the urban ring) based on having unique c-store behaviors. In-depth psychoanalytic interviewing was conducted among these targets segments to further bring out their needs, motivations, values, desires, obstacles and unmet needs related to convenience stores.

The Results
The insights uncovered were used to create 6 new convenience store concepts – drawings and diagrams of the store layout, products and services offered. Test markets of 3 new store configurations were conducted later in route to an overhaul of the overall merchandising strategy.

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