ConsumerDNA Welcomes You!

Our goal as a consumer insights company is to provide our clients with a better understanding of their consumer and to use consumer insights to ignite effective marketing strategies and tactical programs.

Many marketers agree obtaining relevant, credible insights is more challenging today than ever. The world around us has changed; our lives have changed and being a consumer has changed. Consumers are nothing like they were just a short time ago. They are smarter, more complex in decision making and in greater control of the purchasing process than ever before.

Consumers are now able to optimize themselves utilizing a vast new array of information sources and new products that enable uniquely individualized and more rewarding lifestyles. Through new product innovation consumers have become more proficient in completing ordinary daily tasks, such as – communications, information/media consumption, shopping, nutrition, child care and healthcare – and are enjoying new heights of personal growth through various forms of self-improvement and entertainment activities.

The bar for marketers has truly been raised given the rising expectations of most consumers today.


The New Consumer DNA Value Equation

Perhaps most important to marketers is the fact that the consumer value equation is not what it once was which has changed the basis for competition between competing products and brands. Traditionally consumers were driven more simply by price, quantity and quality because there were relatively few competing choices.

Our research has revealed deeper dimensions of consumer psychology at play in consumer perception of value of one product or brand versus another. Many product or brand choices are more complex than what we might have imagined.

What consumers are actually after in many cases is the improvement of their lives either through easier-better-quicker task accomplishment or direct personal growth in some way. The higher a product goes in value (further around the wheel clockwise) the greater the level of satisfaction and loyalty.


Implications for Marketers

This new value equation implies several critical elements of any good marketing strategy –

Consumer Insights – Consumer insights could be more useful today than ever but methods and techniques must be optimized in line with technological trends.
Product Innovation – Product innovation is the norm now and has become a consumer expectation. To be successful, product innovations must hit squarely on at least two of the four consumer value cylinders – price/quality, task accomplishment, personal advancement, and/or aesthetics.
Positioning and Targeting – Consumers are flooded by many choices today. The average grocery store today has over 50,000 SKUs up from only about 15,000 in 1980. Thus, it has never been more important to clearly position the product, target the right consumer, and communicate benefits effectively.
Presentation – The most effective products have an added emotional appeal by generating good feelings and/or offering aesthetic benefits through good design, styling or other forms of “beauty” appropriate for the end user.


Pulling Consumers through the New Purchase Sphere

The old path to purchase was linear. We advertised through traditional channels to pull consumers into retail stores then merchandisers/and sales staff pushed the product out to the shoppers.

In today’s world it’s difficult to know where the purchase process starts and ends for any given product category and of course purchase doesn’t always happen at retail by any means. It’s now clear the shopping process is no longer linear. Instead, each consumer appears to be developing a unique, personalized approach to shopping each category depending on their particular needs and circumstances.

Most marketers agree it’s more challenging these days to optimize their marketing strategy. The blending consumers do between the virtual and physical worlds throughout the shopping process, at home and mobile, guarantees the greater challenge.

Today’s shopping process – how consumers get from information (learning) to shopping (assessing/comparing) to purchase and through to post purchase reactions – is a 24/7 multimodal process that presents both big opportunities and marketing challenges.

Thus, different consumer target groups for any given product category can exhibit different path to purchase habits which can dramatically impact the marketing strategies and tactics employed to pull them through to your products and brands.

Take for example the predominant pathway to a BMW purchase for one demographic target segment. The new world of media is here. Online is equal to if not more important than traditional channels in many categories today.

consumer dna - multimodal consumer shopping


Implications for Consumer Insights Companies

Our industry is undergoing extraordinary change in keeping with technological trends (especially those directly impacting the way insights data is collected) and changes in the needs, aspirations and behaviors of the new consumer.

We recognize four critical aspects of our service to serve marketers in this new world.

1. Speed of Insights Delivery
2. Methods of Data Collection
3. Insights Frameworks
4. Innovations Support